About Rockfield Music & Media

Welcome to Rockfield Music and Media!! We teach music lessons and classes for all ages, host concerts featuring both youth and professional acts, and offer a beautiful room available for your private events.

Check out our Rockfield Live! page for our concert schedule.

RMM Halloween Party, those in costume.

RMM Halloween Party, some of those in costume.

4 Responses to About Rockfield Music & Media

  1. lori piel says:

    Love this venue. It is welcoming and comfortable and the music was fantastic!

  2. jack grassel says:

    Hey Guy,
    I just became aware of your music store. It looks wonderful. I like the guitar railings. Good job. I’m proud to know you.

    • admin says:

      Thanks Jack! I learned a lot about music and guitar from you and the Occupational music program you started at MATC.

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