N132 W17225 Rockfield Road

Germantown, WI 53022

Phone : 414-207-7422

Email: rockfieldmusic@gmail.com


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8 Responses to Location/Contact

  1. Kathy Suchocki says:

    Lil Rev was a great show Friday night! It really picked me up, just what the docta ordered!Thanks Guy and John!!

  2. Patti Wood says:

    I attended the Mike Fredrikson show and it was awesome! Love the venue – I’m looking forward to attending more events at Rockfield. Please add me to your e-mail list.

  3. Rob Tal says:

    ~What an amazing musical experience~
    The venue has the feel of a neighborhood gathering place, where you music aficionados can experience a true magical night of entertainment. Guy Fiorentini has the gift of getting truly the best musicians Milwaukee and the surrounding areas offer, be it quiet notes of jazz to a full on juke-joint party! I trust no one in the MKE music scene more, favor yourself this “once in a lifetime” gig and you will be marking your calendars forever.

  4. Sandy says:

    Wondering if you have a dance floor.

  5. Mary Dhein says:

    I attended a harmonica blues fest last night at Serb hall. do you have any plans to have Lil Rev perform soon?

  6. Andy Brault says:

    I have always enjoyed coming to the Rockfield live events and the events have allowed me to experience some great and varied genres of music. I tried to bring others to the venue and those that came always enjoyed themselves. I was sad to hear from Guy that these shows might not be happening any longer. It was great fun while it lasted (but I hope they make a return) and thanks so much for opening the doors for as long as you have. These were a great Friday night event that I looked forward to.

    thanks again,


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