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GUY FIORENTINI : Guitar, Bass, Recording Technologies; all ages.

Guy Fiorentini has played professionally since the early 90’s and taught for 20 years (including 4 years in the classroom). He has performed with some of the best blues, rock, jazz and folk artists in the Midwest and won 4 WAMI Awards, including Bassist of the Year (2010). Guy integrates theory, technique, ear training, reading and musical history into the songs play play in lessons; you help pick the songs.

Guy says “My goal is to get you playing what you want to while still connecting you to the larger musical world. I believe that everybody can learn to play and get quite good if they’re motivated to practice. Many of my current and former students are now performing musicians, but you don’t need to be on stage- making music feels great!

Guy also runs Fly Studios and has worked extensively in recording and pro audio for the last 15 years. From recording speech for dictation software, to mixing rock bands at Summerfest, to recording contemporary jazz artists, to installing P.A. systems in clubs, he has a wealth of real world experience to draw off of.

You can learn more about Guy at

JOHN CALARCO: Drums and Percussion

Johnny sticksJohn Calarco has been turning heads with his explosive drumming since his teen years. He has performed and recorded with a who’s who of regional and national artists, including Darryl Steurmer (Genesis), Greg Koch, Willy Porter, Andy Summers (the Police), Nils Lofgren (Bruce Springsteen) and many others. John’s credits are too long to list, but you can check them out here.

After years of being on the road, John moved back to Milwaukee to raise his kids. While quite serious about drumming, he’s very approachable with a great sense of humor, which his students very much enjoy.

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  1. Chelsey Day says:

    Are you still open and offering lessons or leasing your property to private events?

  2. Gina says:

    Hi – Looking into potentially signing my daughter up for guitar lessons this summer. I am wondering if Guy is offering lessons this summer? If so, how could I receive further information? Thank you!!!

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