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I began teaching lessons in Germantown in 2001 at the old Beihoff Music and in 2010 met John Parrish through Pat Josten, who was studying bass with me at the time. John is the Tech Ed teacher at Kennedy Middle School (in Germantown) and owned what had been a bar, and envisioned it as an art/music/new media center. I wanted to create a place where I could not only teach lessons, but also hold ensemble classes, record bands, and host performances. After we determined that our visions and goals were largely in harmony, we set about on some serious renovation: cleaning, painting, drywall, carpentry, plumbing, concrete, flooring. It should be noted that this would not have been possible without the extreme generousity and hard work of Pat Josten (Rockfield Short Pour), Rob Tal, and Mike Berendt, contractors in the midst of their winter lull. Several hundred man hours later we opened our doors and I began teaching in early Jan., 2010.

That May, to celebrate our first five months (and my birthday) we threw a party featuring the Robert Allen Jr. Trio and had a huge turnout. The next fall and winter we had more concerts: we had Robert Allen back as well as rock bands from Germantown High School, these were equally successful. In the fall of 2011 we decided to offer a regular concert series and have presented quite a variety of music since then.

Guy Fiorentini

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  1. Hey, Guy …

    I just wanted to post a public ‘thank you’ for inviting Adekola, John and me to perform at Rockfield Live on Nov. 21. The three of us agree that this is one of the all-time best and most fun venues to play. The community folks that turn out for these events are GREAT. It’s rare for musicians to experience the support, encouragement and attention that happens at Rockfield Live. It really feels like playing for friends and family … one of the many great things is getting to know people during the intermission. The sound and ambiance in this room is special … play or sing one note and it fills the room with warmth and resonance, even if you’re playing whisper-quiet. You know you’re in for a good night, even before you start to play.

    I have to say that Rockfield Live falls into the category of ‘best kept secrets’ for both performers and listeners. I hope the support continues to grow. I know I’m going to spread the word. Thanks again, Guy, and thanks to all the folks who came out to listen last week. You all made this an evening that the 3 of us are still talking about, and we’ll look forward to another chance to get together with you!

    All the best,

    .rog. (Adekola and John’s guitar player)

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